It's debatable whether we really need an Affiliate Disclosure on GEMTRACE™ because we primarily focus on our own product. However, there may be times when we mention an offer from affiliate partners in our articles or email correspondence.

In that case, we may earn a commission if you complete a purchase using the links provided on this or one of our other sites. That is not to say that we're going to win a million dollars, or buy a small island anytime soon.

Well, at least not off the average commissions that we might earn on the average engagement ring. Especially when those commissions are frequently split between several affiliates who might be involved in the same project.

Suffice to say that those infamous pie-in-the-sky BIG Commission Checks that dreams are made of are the result of lots of little sales. None of which usually happens without investing massive amounts of time building web sites, writing content, and answering email.

As that may be, the Federal Trade Commission requires companies that participate in affiliate marketing to disclose any material connection. In contrast, they don't require advertisers on television to clearly state that commercials are advertisements. Ah, but we digress. Ahem. In the name of all things holy and totally obvious, here's the official disclaimer.

Material Connection Disclosure:

GEMTRACE™LLC, et al, directly or indirectly due to their involvement with Gray Matter Development, LLC., have a material connection, also known as an affiliate relationship including, but not limited to the following companies:

Disclaimer: We may earn a commission when you click on links to these companies from our site. In addition, we may earn a commission when you complete a purchase after clicking on those links.

We might also turn a profit off this little venture if you are kind enough to spread the word and tell your friends to register their diamond with GemTrace™. Perhaps we should apologize for the shameless plug, but you'd really be doing them a solid.

Consequently, the suits in the legal department want us to remind you that you are solely responsible for any purchasing decisions that you decide to make. We do not represent the aforementioned companies and are not responsible for their actions or product quality. Please conduct your own due diligence before purchasing anything as you normally would.