GEMTRACE, LLC., resides in the picturesque town of Mason, Ohio. Our CEO is Todd Gray, whom you might know from Nice Ice Diamonds. He is a trade consultant specializing in the niche of light performance. Todd's eldest son, Corey Gray, CFO, CTO, grew up in the family diamond business.

Benefits of GEMTRACE™ Registration

GEMTRACE™ creates an identity record that establishes a traceable connection between you and your diamond. Most lab-graded diamonds available today feature an inscription of the lab report number.

The inscription appears on the girdle edge and is visible using higher degrees of magnification. Most people assume the inscription is traceable to the owner, but that's not the case.

Conversely, the inscription only serves to reference the diamond grading report. The lab can use the report number to determine who submitted the diamond for grading, but that information is proprietary.

In that case, they are not likely to reveal the supplier's name nor make an effort to return a diamond to its rightful owner in the event of loss and recovery.

In addition, the supplier will not likely sell the diamond to the end-user or consumer. It's common for diamonds to trade hands multiple times on the way to market.

Under those conditions, most diamonds recovered by law enforcement agencies never make it back to their owners. Until Now.

GEMTRACE™ creates a record of ownership using the inscription on your diamonds' girdle edge, enabling insurance companies, jewelry stores, law enforcement, pawn shops, etc., to search by lab report number.

The Inner Workings of GEMTRACE™

GEMTRACE™ is not rocket science, but we think it's a brilliant solution to a big problem. When you register your diamond with GEMTRACE™, you create a record of ownership based on the lab report number.

Diamonds currently registered with GEMTRACE™ are traceable by lab report number while searching our database. Personal details, such as your identity, are not public and do not appear in search results.

Organizations like law enforcement, insurance companies, and jewelry stores can request additional information on registered diamonds. For example, let's say they search for GIA 123456789 and find a match.

They press a button to submit an inquiry, and we will verify the status of the diamond in our system. Then we contact you and connect with the agency or person submitting the query.

How Much Is GEMTRACE™ Registration?

GEMTRACE™ registration is affordable and cost-effective peace of mind. Registering your first diamond is only $34.95 annually, less than three dollars per month.

We offer bulk discounts if you purchase more than one registration simultaneously.

Note that you don't have to enter all the information at the time of purchase. You can add additional records and edit the details anytime by logging into your account.

However, changing the lab report number or inscription after registration requires authorization for security purposes. Contact us in the event of data entry errors, mistakes, or updates.